• Noise?

    Insulate indoor and improve the acoustic comfort is today possible with EcoShell boards offering eco-friendly materials and certified performance.
  • Saving

    EcoShell insulation products are designed for indoor and made with a small footprint. Renew your home with natural materials, save energy and eliminate the noise.
  • Eco-compatible

    EcoShell stems from the will to take care of the environment and the people by making use of efficient insulating products and recyclable materials, reducing energy consumption and improving the welfare of acoustic environments.
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The quality


Why Ecoshell

Acoustics and Thermo lines can be customized according to the needs of your inner environment:

Thermal and sound insulating panels FOR INTERIOR
  • Simplicity of installation and small thickness.
  • Preserve floor space.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable.
  • Prevents wasting sources.
  • Patented solutions.
  • Reduces by 9 dB the noise transmission.

The Applications


Technical performance

High performance of EcoShell certified eco-friendly insulating boards allow to save space and preserve floor area. Thanks to small thickness which is less than 25mm, and the installation without bolts, masonry work are minimized. The EcoShell panels supporting libraries and frameworks so your walls can be still customized.

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